HTML Comments

The comment tag <!– Comment –> is used in HTML code to insert comments. It is a good coding technique so that both the developer and the reader may understand the code. It is beneficial to comprehend a complicated code. The comment tag is also important for troubleshooting the code.

  • It is a basic piece of code that web browsers remove (ignore), i.e. it is not shown by the browser.
  • It aids the writer and reader in understanding the purpose of a piece of code, especially in complicated source code.


 Types of HTML Comments: There are three types of comments in HTML which are: 

  • Single-line comment.
  • Multi-lines comment.
  • Using <comment> tag.



Multi-line comment

Multiple lines can be also used by using the <!– –>.



Using <comment> tag

There used to be an HTML <comment> element, but none of the newer browsers support it.




No, you cannot add comments within HTML attributes. Comments in HTML are delimited by <!-- and -->, and can only be added outside of any tags or within the opening or closing tag. They are used to add descriptive notes or reminders for yourself or other developers, and are not visible to users or search engines.

To remove comments from your HTML code, you can simply delete the comment tags and any text within them. In HTML, comments are enclosed within <!-- and --> tags. So, to remove a comment, delete these tags and any text within them. However, it's important to note that comments are often added to provide useful information for developers, so make sure you're not deleting any important notes or reminders. It's best to review the comments before removing them.

There are some best practices and guidelines for using HTML comments. Here are a few:

  • Use comments to describe the purpose of a section of code or to make notes for yourself or other developers who may work on the code in the future.
  • Don't use comments to hide code that you don't want to run. Instead, comment out the code.
  • Use comments sparingly. Too many comments can make the code difficult to read and understand.
  • Avoid using comments to explain how the code works. Instead, write code that is self-explanatory.
  • Don't leave commented-out code in your production code. This can make your code harder to maintain and can lead to confusion.

Remember, the purpose of comments is to make your code more understandable and easier to maintain. Use them wisely and sparingly.