Pixels to Ems Conversion

You can calculate em sizes from pixels using the tool below (or vice versa).

  • Set the body's default pixel size (usually 16px).
  • Then, using the default pixel size, convert a pixel value to an em.
  • Alternatively, you can convert an em value to pixels using the default pixel size.

Font Size in the Body

Select a body font size from the table below to see a complete "px to em & percent" Conversion.

PX EM Percent
5px 0.3125em 31.25%
6px 0.3750em 37.50%
7px 0.4375em 43.75%
8px 0.5000em 50.00%
9px 0.5625em 56.25%
10px 0.6250em 62.50%
11px 0.6875em 68.75%
12px 0.7500em 75.00%
13px 0.8125em 81.25%
14px 0.8750em 87.50%
15px 0.9375em 93.75%
16px 1.0000em 100.00%
17px 1.0625em 106.25%
18px 1.1250em 112.50%
19px 1.1875em 118.75%
20px 1.2500em 125.00%
21px 1.3125em 131.25%
22px 1.3750em 137.50%
23px 1.4375em 143.75%
24px 1.5000em 150.00%
25px 1.5625em 156.25%