HTML <source> Tag

The source tag specifies numerous media resources for media components like <video>, <audio>, and <image>.

The <source> element enables you to supply alternative video/audio/image files from which the browser may select based on browser support or viewport width. The browser will select the first <source> that it supports.





Attribute Value Description
media media-query Accepts any valid media query that would typically be defined in a CSS style sheet.
sizes   Image sizes for various page layouts are specified.
src URL When used in <audio> and <video>, <source> is required. Specifies the media file's URL.
srcset URL When using <source> in <image>, this is required. Specifies the URL of the picture to be used in certain scenarios.
type MIME-type Specifies the resource's MIME type.

Supported Browsers

Element Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
<source> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes