HTML <th> Tag

The th element specifies a header cell that can appear in an HTML table's initial row. Browsers typically display the content contained within the <th> tag as bold, center-aligned text.

This tag is also generally known as the <th> element. The text in <td> elements are regular and left-aligned by default.





Attribute Value Description
abbr text A brief summary of the contents of the cell.
colspan number The number of columns that the cell spans (Default is 1, max value is 1000).
headers header-id List of strings (separated by spaces) that correspond to the id property of the <th> element to which it applies.
rowspan number The number of rows that the cell stretches across (Default is 1, max value is 65534)
scope col 
Strings separated by spaces in a list

Supported Browsers

Element Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
<th> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes