HTML <object> Tag

The object tag is used to contain external resources such as Audio, Video, Flash, PDFs, external apps, and browser plug-ins in an HTML document.

The <object> tag is more typically used to embed resources than the <embed> element due to compatibility difficulties.

The <object> element is another frequent name for this tag.





Attribute Value Description
data URL Specifies the URL of the resource that the object will utilize.
form form-id This property specifies the object's shape.
height pixels The object's height is specified.
name name The object's name is specified here.
type media-type The media type of data supplied in the data attribute is specified here.
typemustmatch true/false Specifies whether the type attribute and the resource's actual content must match in order for the resource to be shown.
usemap mapname Name of a client-side image map that will be used with the object.
width pixels The width of the object is specified.

Supported Browsers

Element Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
<object> Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes