CSS box-decoration-break Property

The box-decoration-break property is used to control the box decoration after paragraph fragmentation. It specifies the background, padding, border, margin, and clip-path of an element that is used when the element's box is divided into separate parts.




Property Values

Value Description
slice Default. Box decorations are applied to the entire element and break at the edges of element fragments.
clone Box decorations are applied to each fragment of the element as if they were separate elements. Borders wrap around the four edges of each element fragment, and backgrounds are redrawn completely for each fragment.
initial This property is set to its default value. Learn more about the beginning.
inherit This property is inherited from its parent element.

Supported Browsers

Element Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
box-decoration-break 22.0 -webkit- 32.0 6.1 -webkit- 79.0 11.5 -webkit-