CSS resize Property

CSS's resize property is used to resize an element based on the needs of the user. It does not apply to inline elements or block elements with visible overflow.

The CSS resize property defines how the element can be resized. It has control over the look and function of the resizing mechanism. The resizing mechanism is usually a triangle knob in the element's bottom right corner.




Property Values

Value Description
none The default value. The element cannot be resized by the user.
both The element's height and width can both be resized by the user.
horizontal The width of the element can be resized by the user.
vertical The element's height can be adjusted by the user.
initial This property is set to its default value.
inherit This property is inherited from its parent element.

Supported Browsers

Property Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
resize 4.0 5.0
4.0 -moz-
4.0 79.0 15.0