CSS user-select Property

The CSS property user-select determines whether the user can select text. Except in textboxes, this has no effect on content loaded as part of a browser's user interface (its chrome).

This is useful when you want to provide users with an easier/cleaner copy-paste experience. However, it is a little buggy. Firefox makes it impossible to copy any text that matches that selector. If you select elements around the text, --webkit still allows you to copy it.




Property Values

Value Description
auto Default. If the browser supports it, text can be selected.
none Stop text selection.
text The user has the option of selecting the text.
all Instead of a double-click, text is selected with a single click.

Supported Browsers

Property Chrome Firefox Safari Edge / IE Opera
user-select 54.0
6.0 -webkit-
2.0 -moz-
3.1 -webkit- 79.0
10.0 -ms-
15.0 -webkit-